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AQA Victoria Ltd was established in the mid-1980s by a group of people with quadriplegia who saw a need for improved access to information, support and employment opportunities specifically for those who had sustained a spinal cord injury.

Our mission & vision have always been about improving quality of life, independence and community participation through active promotion of people's capacity, their value and their right to participate in all aspects of community life.

Incorporated as a Public Company in 1987, AQA is a non-profit, member based organisation, a public benevolent institution and a registered charity.

Over the years, in pursuit of our mission and vision, AQA developed activities including:

AQA Qualcare - operating as a provider of quality personal care and support to people with a physical disability, delivered in clients' homes and local communities, enabling people to live independently and participate in their community

AQA Information & Referral Service responding to requests from people seeking reliable information and support around a diverse range of disability issues, provided by staff who have a first-hand experience of spinal cord injury.

AQA Peer Support Service providing highly valued support to people facing life after spinal cord injury. Much of this support is provided via direct contact with patients in rehabilitation hospitals as well as through a network of community based peer volunteers who provide ongoing support as clients re-enter the community and go on to issues associated with their spinal cord injury across the life cycle.

AQA Community Education, promoting injury prevention and positive awareness of the capacity of people with spinal cord injury.

Services are delivered to members, clients and the community across Victoria and Tasmania.